Aug. 30th, 2011

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951 Beulah Street

[Elsa's morning starts like any other. She wakes up, takes a shower and dresses, goes downstairs to make herself some tea and breakfast. It's hot and sunny, which is the kind of weather she expects in the United States in the middle of the summer. She even (finally!) has the eye, eardrum, and hair back that she traded for her choker. Even if she's still stuck in this Stepford hell, life is pretty okay.

Until then she notices the date: Tuesday, August 30. Where the hell did the month of August go? It doesn't take very long for Elsa to put two and two together and get four. She's been droned. Suddenly, life is nowhere near okay.]


John Doe Park

[Elsa's set up a makeshift firing range: crudely-cut cardboard figures taped up against pieces of wood. Practicing with her firearms serves two purposes. One, it makes her feel better--she feels most comfortable with a weapon in hand. Two, it keeps her sharp. Who knows how much proficiency she may have lost while she was a housewife-zombie?

Feel free to approach, just make sure not to spook her. She shoots first and asks questions later.]


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