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[Elsa is never complaining about boredom in this town again. If Cap starts going on about that ☠☠☠☠ ever again, she's kicking him in the teeth. Repeatedly.

Waking up abruptly to a suddenly-destroyed everything is bad enough. Having to face this new reality without her abilities (again) and any real weapons? Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts. Elsa, being Elsa, responds to this development in the most mature way possible: she swears repeatedly and breaks shit in the remains of her bedroom until she feels better. Once that's accomplished, she's off to scavenge for something to defend herself with.

She can be found in various places around town digging through the rubble, swearing to herself, and occasionally shouting to random passers-by for help moving heavy/cumbersome items out of her way. If you happen to be someone she knows or a member of Nextwave, she'll drop what she's doing and approach.

Good luck with the furious (if nerfed) British woman.]
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[What is Elsa Bloodstone's greatest fear? In her own words: Failure. I don't want the world going to hell because of a mistake I made somewhere along the line.

In protest, she has failed to kill a certain Bridge Carson. The consequence for this failure is to be trapped in her own mind, certain that the world around her--Mayfield or back home, it doesn't matter much--has crumbled because of her own carelessness. She hesitated too often. Showed too much mercy. Didn't do the job she was supposed to do. Left too many monsters--and monstrous humans--alive. And now... everyone else is paying for it. It's not fair, but the world rarely is.

But she's mostly immortal (or so she thinks, in her own hallucinations). She continues to survive, even as most of humanity is dead. She'll keep fighting until she breathes her last, not holding back any longer. If someone deserves to die, she'll kill him. If a monster approaches, she'll show no mercy. There are surviving stragglers in the wastelands and pockets of human civilization left. She'll be damned if she doesn't make all of this up to them, somehow.

She has a target. His name is Bridge Carson. No mercy, this time. Somehow, he's involved in all of this. He has to be.

In search of him, she's walking around Mayfield with a long-suffering scowl on her face and a shotgun in each hand. The sun is shining and (despite recent events) the town is still well-populated. Not that Elsa notices either; for her, the streets are abandoned and it is eternally night.

She'll notice people if they approach and address her. But she'll be incredibly surprised to see that they still live. And she'll be more than a little wary.]


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