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951 Beulah Street

[Elsa's morning starts like any other. She wakes up, takes a shower and dresses, goes downstairs to make herself some tea and breakfast. It's hot and sunny, which is the kind of weather she expects in the United States in the middle of the summer. She even (finally!) has the eye, eardrum, and hair back that she traded for her choker. Even if she's still stuck in this Stepford hell, life is pretty okay.

Until then she notices the date: Tuesday, August 30. Where the hell did the month of August go? It doesn't take very long for Elsa to put two and two together and get four. She's been droned. Suddenly, life is nowhere near okay.]


John Doe Park

[Elsa's set up a makeshift firing range: crudely-cut cardboard figures taped up against pieces of wood. Practicing with her firearms serves two purposes. One, it makes her feel better--she feels most comfortable with a weapon in hand. Two, it keeps her sharp. Who knows how much proficiency she may have lost while she was a housewife-zombie?

Feel free to approach, just make sure not to spook her. She shoots first and asks questions later.]
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[What is Elsa Bloodstone's greatest fear? In her own words: Failure. I don't want the world going to hell because of a mistake I made somewhere along the line.

In protest, she has failed to kill a certain Bridge Carson. The consequence for this failure is to be trapped in her own mind, certain that the world around her--Mayfield or back home, it doesn't matter much--has crumbled because of her own carelessness. She hesitated too often. Showed too much mercy. Didn't do the job she was supposed to do. Left too many monsters--and monstrous humans--alive. And now... everyone else is paying for it. It's not fair, but the world rarely is.

But she's mostly immortal (or so she thinks, in her own hallucinations). She continues to survive, even as most of humanity is dead. She'll keep fighting until she breathes her last, not holding back any longer. If someone deserves to die, she'll kill him. If a monster approaches, she'll show no mercy. There are surviving stragglers in the wastelands and pockets of human civilization left. She'll be damned if she doesn't make all of this up to them, somehow.

She has a target. His name is Bridge Carson. No mercy, this time. Somehow, he's involved in all of this. He has to be.

In search of him, she's walking around Mayfield with a long-suffering scowl on her face and a shotgun in each hand. The sun is shining and (despite recent events) the town is still well-populated. Not that Elsa notices either; for her, the streets are abandoned and it is eternally night.

She'll notice people if they approach and address her. But she'll be incredibly surprised to see that they still live. And she'll be more than a little wary.]

Fourth shot

Mar. 8th, 2011 01:08 pm
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So, these statues are actually alive?

If they're alive, then theoretically they can be killed. Who's up for some hunting?

[Later, Action.]
[Ignoring any and all advice to stay home/not fight the angels/not blink, Ellie is off to find her an angel to kill with a shotgun in each hand. Anyone is free to run into her during her search and/or join her in her fight, since these sound like the kind of enemy that require backup (especially for someone who, lacking her left eye, has a pretty large blind spot).

Just keep in mind that it's not going to end well for anyone involved.]

[ETA: So, the Doctor talked her out of going in guns blazing (thank you, not!husband!), so now she's off to meet Archer and hopefully prevent death.

It still might not end well for anyone involved.]


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